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Current Testimonials

Click here for a PDF of Holly’s reference letters. (~9 megs)

In the Words of Holly’s Students

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Aaron and I am a student of Mrs. Holly Combs. Mrs. Holly has been my art teacher for this school year and I think that she has done an excellent job. She is funny in class, but she takes her job very seriously. Every week the entire class walks out with a much better understanding of art and what defines it. She helps us understand that we can create anything with art. She is very imaginative; she comes up with new, interesting ways to teach us about art every class. She is inspiring, every time I walk out of her class I can’t wait to get home so I can practice what I have learned. She is very kind; she helps each individual student with their own personal weaknesses. She is very friendly and pleasant to be around. In conclusion, I would highly recommend her as a teacher for your school.
Sincerely, Aaron

March 11, 2009
Dear Sir or Ma’am,
It is an absolute privilege to have Mrs. Combs as an art teacher; she is very knowledgeable in her field and has taught myself and other students the different variations in the world of art. Mrs. Combs had taught me how to be more open with artwork. I see various kinds of art such -as graffiti, paintings, murals, architecture, and other types of works. I have learned to utitlize my artistic ability properly such as in minor shading to learning about depth and value. Also my artistic vocabulary has increased dramatically. Instead of looking at a work of art and saying nothing, I can use that vocabulary to talk with someone about it. My interest in art has grown with her as my teacher. I try to draw or create some form of artwork almost every day. She has made art a desire and has encouraged me to pursue that talent. I would highly recommend Mrs. Combs as a teacher at your fine institution. She will be a great asset, and also teach all the students everything they need to know and more in the field. I assure you that if you choose Mrs. Combs you will be very pleased with her.
Sincerely, Andrew

March 11, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the wonderful privilege of being an art student of Mrs. Combs over this past year, and I can honestly say that she .is the most effective art teacher I have ever had. When the class first began this past semester, I was entirely unsure what to expect, and I must admit that I was quite intimidated by her due to the mere fact that she was an art teacher. But, within a few minutes of the commencement of class, my stereotype of art teachers totally changed. Ms. Holly is a relaxed, engaging, and entertaining teacher. Her delightful, energetic personality brightens the classroom. She truly cares about her students, and is not a teacher who is only interested in her own class. Mrs. Combs respects our time and is sure not to value her class above another. I really appreciate the way that she instructs us without being intrusive. She allows us to express ourselves through our own artwork. Though she is an extremely talented and accomplished artist herself, she “has thoroughly mastered the art of giving us pointers while never imposing her own agenda on us. She not only gives us- students relevant assignments that we are interested in, but she is also always available and accessible if we have any questions. An aspect of art that Mrs. Combs has opened my eyes to is the ability to simply talk about it. Though she has taught our class many useful artistic skills and introduced new concepts to us, she has also stressed the importance of being able to talk about artwork – to analyze and critique it. This is something that no other art teacher has taught me to do. Ms. Holly has not only assured me that I can indeed be an artist, but also to have confidence in myself in every other area as well, and I cannot say how thankful I am for her support. Before talking part in this art class, I was convinced that I was a poor artist, and I consequently had no confidence and disliked all artwork of my own. However, since having Mrs. Combs as an instructor, I have become more confident in myself as well as my artwork, and am no longer timid when presenting my artwork to the class. I enthusiastically give Holly Combs the highest recommendation and encourage you to consider hiring her as an art teacher for your students.
Sincerely, Ariana

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to extend ,my full and unrestricted recommendation of Holly Combs. I have known Holly for this past school year. During that time she served as my Art teacher at Burden Bearers School. I feel that she has taught me very well and I have learned a lot from her. She taught a wide range of topics including simply things like the color wheal, but progressed to more difficult tasks such as self portrait. She gave me the confidence and skill to accomplish things I never would have
thought possible prior to taking her class. She is very positive and encouraging with every project we do. She has also taken interest in our future goals and has helped us to clarify and, solidify them.
She seems very knowledgeable in all art forms, from classic to legal graffiti. She is without a doubt my favorite teacher. I love and respect her very much. I therefore offer her my highest recommendation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely, Bethany

Mrs. Holly is personally my favorite teacher. She is always in a good -mood and super energetic. Before I went to her class art happened to be a fun hobby but nothing I was really all that interested in. Holly is very inspiring and showed me a lot different way’s to express art. I use to draw perhaps once a month but ever since she’s been my teacher I draw my art book every single day. Art is so much fun and it’s made me do thing’s I would be way too scared to do. Holly is always really supportive. She’s incredibly creative and a really great teacher. She has taught me so much more about art and I enjoy it so much more .She’s FABOULIS!!! Ashley

March 17,2009
To whom it may concern:
Misses Combs has been an interactive person in my class. She spends time with individual students, showing them what they can do to improve their works of art. She always comes in with a sense of enthusiasm for teaching. Learning art from her gives me a chance to think about art as being a career or a creative hobby. This experience has also given me the ability to experiment with my art style and an increased interest in the artistic world. I hope she looks forward to work along with you. She has inspired certain aspects in my life, and I hope that she will greatly inspire the lives of the students as well.
Sincerely, Matthew

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