Introduction to Street Styles

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About the Street Styles Workshop

The Street Styles workshop teaches students the basics of art: line, composition, balance, flow, color theory, rhythm, contrast, value, depth, perspective, etc. using street art and graffiti as the foundation for exploring these basics. It also teaches students important social values with an emphasis on respect for themselves, their teachers, and their community.
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 I have dreams of what can happen in my classroom. I believe in my students and they, even if they aren’t so sure themselves, believe me when I tell them they can do it. And somewhere out of this mix of faith and doubt, something unbelievable is born—and it’s way better than what I dreamed, way bigger than me, way more than art, and way more meaningful to them than anything they’ve ever been a part of.” -holly combs


About Holly Combs

My objective is to use visual art as a gateway in leading young minds to notice the unnoticed and awaken a sense of wonder about their environment.

I’m a trailer park survivor and striver. A queen of innovation, recreation, instigation, motivation, and jubilation. I sucked out all the virtues of my childhood wasteland and hoarded them (like my mother’s Elvis collection) up as a foundation from which I could launch myself into art space. I am classically untrained—and untamed. With my dyslexic eyes I see things differently—my up may be your down, but I’ll get you to see it my way. And because of what I’ve overcome, I love nothing more than to teach others to take whatever beautiful mess they are living in and make it work, live, breathe, become. If people leave my classroom and can’t do art, I don’t mind. If people leave my classroom and can’t do life, I’ll draw them back in until I’ve made them believe they can.

Holly Combs graduated from Herron School of Art in 2001 with a BFA in Visual Communications and a minor in Art History. She has published internationally distributed street art magazine, PEEL, managed and curated Alias Gallery dedicated to showing international street art, and co-authored the street art book, PEEL: The Art of the Sticker. She has served as the Girls’ Development Director, working with inner-city youth on the Southeast side of Indianapolis, and is the mother of two beautiful children. Holly has taught art classes to students ranging from pre-K through 12th grade.
As an artist she seeks to communicate powerful, positive, socially relevant messages through the use of simple, clear, and visually direct images and typography. Her project “CHECK YOUR SELF” leverages young people’s interest in street art to raise breast cancer prevention awareness in young women. She has worked with the You Are Beautiful collective to create street art installations to provide moments of positive realization.

Other teachers and parents have reported that Holly’s students exhibit overall academic and behavioral improvement since being in her class. By focusing on the process of creating as opposed to the final product, Holly has found that students develop an enjoyment of making art without the pressure to produce something in which others find value.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. – Edgar Degas

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